The perfect Disney/Pixar music for a wedding or first dance

I’ve previously shared the theme park-inspired music that played in my wedding, including the Jurassic Park theme and the Soarin’ theme. I’ve also shared my Disney father-daughter dance.

After seeing Inside Out, though, I couldn’t stop thinking about the song from Lava, the short airing before Inside Out. If you haven’t seen it, Lava is a love story about a lonely volcano waits for years and years (and years and years) to meet his true love… I mean lava. The entire short is told through a song beautifully performed by two Hawaiian singers. Entertainment Weekly interviewed James Ford Murphy, the creator of Lava, about his inspiration for the short film.

Photo from

Right around the time I was contemplating all this, my sister was getting married at the age of 43. That’s really where I had this epiphany when I saw my sister up there on the altar and I thought about how long she’d waited. So that was kinda taking geology or science and making it more poetic.

I can’t stop listening to the song, and I keep thinking how beautiful it would sound at a wedding ceremony or as a first dance song. Listen to it here.

I also started thinking about some other lesser thought of Disney/Pixar wedding songs. I’ve mentioned that my dad and I strongly considered dancing to “I Wouldn’t Have Nothing if I Didn’t Have You” from Monster’s Inc. I’ve also talked about “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” as a father-daughter song. Below, I’ve listed some more options.

Photo from Disney/Pixar
Photo from Disney/Pixar
  • “Lava” from Lava —  A great song for the ceremony or first dance. If you have live musicians, consider hiring a ukelele player. Part of what makes the song special is the distinct Hawaii/Pacific feel. Sheet music isn’t available yet.
Photo from Disney/Pixar
Photo from Disney/Pixar
  • “Married Life” from Up — I did use some Up inspiration for my wedding, and I’m shocked my husband and I didn’t think about using this song. This tune plays during the beginning of the movie when you learn Carl and Ellie’s story (also known as the time everyone sobs uncontrollably). “Married Life” would be a great song for the ceremony or prelude. The sheet music is available via Music Notes here.
Photo from Disney/Pixar
Photo from Disney/Pixar
  • “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” originally from Hello Dolly, but a key part of WALL-E — I prefer the instrumental version of this song, and it (along with “Married Life”) is part of the Main Street, U.S.A. soundtrack at Walt Disney World. I love that new films can have a place in a turn-of-the-century American small town, showing the timelessness of these stories. This would be great addition to a wedding prelude.
Photo from Guardians of the Galaxy Facebook
Photo from Guardians of the Galaxy Facebook
  • NOT PIXAR BUT WHILE WE’RE HERE…. “Hooked On a Feeling” by Blue Swede, but part of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack —  Now that Disney owns Marvel, we have a wider range of Disney songs, though no other superhero movies have the impeccable soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy. If GOTG was released a year earlier, there is a strong possibility this would have been our first dance song. Ooga chacka.

Adding theme park touches to your wedding Part III

I’ve previously shared ways I incorporated my love of theme parks into my wedding here and here. From Elsa bridal hair to Jurassic Park prelude music, I looked for every opportunity to express my passion without being tacky.

As I approach our first anniversary, I decided to provide a few more tips.

All photos by Porfirio Solorzano.

Disney Decor 10517983_10202367503721520_5197461190545063909_nThe wedding cake table was dedicated to all things Disney. Pictures of my husband and I celebrating our love for Disney, as well as a Minnie and Mickey cake topper, were a hit. My favorite piece has to be the light up Lumiere that I found a few weeks before the wedding on my Disney bachelorette trip.

10489639_10202367504401537_5712566719605798618_nLenox Mickey and Mickey, $94.99

10516603_10202367504281534_3678224865117954544_nLight Up Lumiere (No longer available via Disney Store), $74.40 (Amazon)

Magical Father-Daughter Dance

My dad and I are extremely close, so I knew our father-daughter dance had to have the perfect song. We talked for months about different possibilities. We finally decided on “You’ll Be in My Heart” from Disney’s Tarzan. 10247468_10202421701396428_4174231769160109996_n1977314_10202421701916441_7656887311578607124_nSome other Disney-inspired father-daughter possibilities:

Adding theme park touches to your wedding Part II

I recently celebrated my wedding in June, and I’ve discussed some of my theme park inspiration in my previous post.

Finding a healthy balance between tacky and understated was a challenge.

Disney Princess Hair 



Ever since I saw Frozen, I’ve been obsessed with Elsa’s elegant braid. When it came time for bridal portraits, I asked my hairstylist, Emily Summerville (out of Tuscaloosa, Ala.) to create Elsa bridal hair. She did an amazing job.




The hairstyle held up well throughout the day. I loved hearing my guests tell me I looked just like Elsa!



Remembering Loved Ones

Many special people in our lives have passed away, and we wanted to remember them throughout the wedding. In addition to placing the flowers on the altar in memory of them, we had a table featuring photos at the reception.



I loved the line “The ones who love us never really leave us” from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This quote is from the film, as Sirius Black comforts Harry. The original quote from the book is offered by Albus Dumbledore.

You think the dead we loved truly ever leave us? You think that we don’t recall them more clearly in times of great trouble?


Check out Adding theme park touches to your wedding Part I

Photos courtesy of Pofirio Solorzano


Adding theme park touches to your wedding

I’m planning my upcoming June wedding, and throughout the planning I’ve worked to incorporate my love of theme parks into the event. My fiance also loves theme parks, so it made sense for us.

However, I didn’t want these nods to our favorite vacation destinations to come off as tacky or overdone. It’s been a balancing act between what is too much and what is not enough.

In this series, I will share a few of the ideas we’re incorporating into the big day. Be on the lookout for follow up posts!

Save the Dates with Disney Flair

Photo by Digital Bliss Photography
Photo by Digital Bliss Photography

We used bride and groom mouse ears to add some magic and quirkiness to our save the dates. The balloons added another theme park touch. I originally thought I would order mouse-shaped balloons (like the ones sold in the parks), but decided they would be overkill paired with the ears. You can purchase the bride ears here and the groom ears here. You can purchase used ears from Amazon and eBay, but I wanted brand new hats as we plan to use them for several things. When ordering from the Disney Store, you don’t have to worry about the hats being squashed in transit.

Ceremony Music

I wanted our ceremony to be a mix of traditional and unique music. We’re still using traditional songs, like Wagner’s “Bridal Chorus” and the Doxology, but we’re also incorporating some different songs to showcase our love of theme parks.

Some of our ceremony songs:

  • “Soarin’ Over California Ride Score” by Jerry Goldsmith: The Soarin’ music is some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. It completely transports the rider to, well, California as you see and smell sights over the state. Every time I ride Soarin’ I cry. The music touches me deeply, so I wanted it to be part of this important day.
  • “Main Theme from Jurassic Park” by John Williams: One of our favorite movies of all time is Jurassic Park. My fiance is probably most excited about hearing this song at our wedding. He visited me while I lived in Orlando, and during his visit, I took him to Universal’s Islands of Adventure (he had never been). The Jurassic Park section entranced him.
  • “When You Wish Upon a Star” by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington: This song has become the theme song of Disney and the Disney dream, so I knew it had to be part of our wedding. Our families will be seated to this classic tune.

I purchased the sheet music for “When You Wish Upon a Star” and the “Main Theme from Jurassic Park” on MusicNotes. The site offers a wide selection and is easy to use. It also lets you preview how the song will sound with the given sheet music. The “Soarin’ Over California Ride Score” is free for private use via

I highly recommend listening to the songs you’re interested in on YouTube before making your decision on ceremony music. If you’re using live musicians, listen to how the songs sound played on the instruments you’ll have at the wedding. I will have a pianist, so I wanted to make sure these songs sounded just as beautiful without the other instruments. I’ve listed the YouTube piano covers of these songs below.