Photo review: Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2015

As the year closes, I’m looking back at some of my favorite theme park memories of 2015. One of the best parts of the year was traveling to Epcot for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. I had not been to this festival in over ten years, and my husband has never been. All the food was so delicious, and there was a great variety. I’m a fairly picky eater (I don’t eat beef or pork), but I found something at nearly every stand. Vegetarian, vegan and allergy friendly options also abounded.


I began my feast with a cheese plate from Ireland. It’s impossible to go wrong with cheese in my book. Check out the festival passport! You received a stamp for every country you got food from.


The chicken sausage with peppers, onions and polenta and cheese soup from Canada were amazing. I later found out the soup had bacon in it, which I do not eat, but I really didn’t care. It was that good.


The yummy cheese soup again. My mom made this soup (minus the bacon) for Christmas. She got the recipe from the Epcot cookbook I bought her!

I took a break from the heavy options with a Greek salad at the Greek booth, of course!


The shrimp tacos in Mexico featured a spicy creamy sauce and pickled red onion. Yum!

The buttered chicken in African, served over naan bread, was very flavorful. The cilantro on top added a nice texture.


This shrimp from Australia was spicy, and the veggies were crisp and delicious. I accidentally got some of the sauce in my eye while eating (how? I wish I knew) and had to rush to the bathroom to flush out my eye. All part of my glamorous life, folks.

There was an entire area dedicated to CHEESE. This spot was made for me. My favorite is probably that lovely cheese triangle soaked in honey.
The chicken dumplings in China were delicious and were served with a sweet and spicy sauce.
I had to have a cannoli in Italy. It’s one of my favorite desserts, and this one did not disappoint!

In short, I came. I ate. I conquered. I did not eat breakfast or lunch on this day, and I probably should not have eaten dinner. I highly recommend visiting Epcot during this festival. Be sure to bring your appetite!


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