Disneyland Diamond Anniversary Merchandise, plus my Disneyland haul

The limited-edition Disneyland Diamond Anniversary merchandise is beautiful, and a good bit of the merchandise is only available in the parks. It makes me feel like this:

Shut-Up-And-Take-My-Money-1024x1280However, you can purchase some of the Diamond merchandise, including the limited-edition Alex and Ani bracelets, via the online Disney Store. See it all here.

What did I bring home from my recent Disneyland trip?

IMG_7320I snagged this Disneyland mug (with the cutest D-shaped handle) and the Disneyland forever Alex and Ani bracelet.

Mug: Available via Ebay

Bracelet: Avaialble via Disney Store for $49.95

Photo via Disney Parks blog
Photo via Disney Parks blog

The Disneyland Decades collection celebrates different decades of the park. I purchased the 1965-1974 baseball tee for my husband (pictured above).

I can’t find the baseball tee online, but here’s the mug on Ebay.

Photo via Disney Style Blog
Photo via Disney Style Blog

I had to grab a pair of the Disney Diamond Anniversary ears as soon as I entered the park. How else could I celebrate appropriately?

11907179_10204701573271800_8754856599285930960_nP.S. — Check out the Disneyland Snapchat filters. So fun!

Ears available via Ebay.

281c014e214d43f5de4ce7766e32ba64The anniversary-edition popcorn buckets were precious, so one of those came home, too. I like to use my popcorn buckets as piggy banks (for the Disney fund, of course).

Available via Ebay.

11887832_10204701547351152_5017061429739030262_nThough it’s not a Diamond-exlusive item, the souvenir cups in Cars Land are perfectly themed. Available in red, green, and blue, I opted for the blue because of the T-rex. The cups are just under $12 in the park and include a drink with your purchase. They do not include free refills.

Available via Ebay.


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