How to keep your phone charged at Disney

Yesterday in the parks, I dropped the ball. Like a noob, I didn’t charge my phone all the way before arriving at Walt Disney World resort. Then, we were so busy going from fastpass to fastpass, I didn’t have a chance to find a charging station. 

Not today, y’all! 

This infographic from Walt Disney World will help you (and me) keep your phone alive at the parks. Plus it features A Goofy Movie, aka the most underrated Disney film of all time. Powerline forever! 

  A few other ideas:

  1. Turn down the brightness on your phone. This can be done in Settings. 
  2. Obviously remember to charge your phone before leaving for the parks. 

Be sure to follow me and my fully charged phone on Instagram, @tarabullburton, to see my trip! 


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