Always try new things at Disney

My husband and I are jetting off to Orlando tomorrow for our Disney anniversary trip, or disneyversary. We will have been married for a year Sunday, and we are excited about celebrating at our favorite place. 

I’ve started a new tradition when I go to Disney. I strive to try something new every time I go. What’s new for this trip? Check out my list below. 

  1. Backstage Magic Tour – For the first time in forever, I am going behind the scenes at all four WDW parks via the Backstage Magic Tour. I can barely contain my excitement. I’ll write a full review after my trip! 
  2. Star Wars Galectic Breakfast – On our actual anniversary, we are dining with the Star Wars characters! This will be my fourth Star Wars Weekend and my husband’s second.   
  3. Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party – I enjoyed the Epcot Illuminations Sparkling Dessert party (below) on my bachelorette trip last year. We’re looking forward to an up-close view of Wishes with yummy desserts.  
  4. Disney Fine Art Photography Session – Since we are celebrating a momentous occasion, we booked a mini photo session with Disney Fine Art Photography. I’ll share the pictures once we get them. Hint on the photo location: it’s the grandest resort of all. 
  5. Chefs de France – We’ve never eaten at the Frenvh restaurant in Epcot. I always thought I was too picky of an eater for it, until I found out they have grown-up macaroni and cheese as an entree. Yum! 

In addition to these planned novelties, we will be sure to engage in new and spontaneous adventures, too. Be sure to follow along with my trip on Instagram, @tarabullburton. 


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