What to wear for Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival: Preppy Edition


I previously shared an edgy outfit for Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. This preppy alternative will also show a love for Disney’s unique landscaping.

1. Ears, Etsy: SailBows, $33: SailBows’ Preppy Park Ears are the perfect accessory for any Lilly Pulitzer/Disney fanatic. Check back for different prints, as she changes them often.

2. Earrings, Carson’s, $35: These Betsy Johnson studs add both a sparkly and floral touch.

3. Purse, Forever21, $22.90: This classic crossbody will leave you hands free as you explore Epcot.

4. Shades, Target, $14.99: Nothing is more classically preppy than cat eyes.

5. Shoes, H&M, $12.95: Classic Keds-style shoes are both comfy and classic for this outfit.

6. Top, Kohl’s, $44.80: As part of Kohl’s Cinderella Collection, this light sweater adds a dressy Disney touch. The thin material with long sleeves is ideal for a spring Florida day, keeping you warm at night and cool during the day. Too hot? Layer a white tank underneath and stash your sweater in your bag or a locker during the day.

7. Shorts, Forever21, $19.90: After seeing Lauren Conrad pair the Cinderella sweater with a high-waisted skirt, I was hooked on the pairing. These high-waisted shorts create a vintage silhouette and add a pop of color.


What to wear for Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival: Edgy Edition


Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival kicked off March 4. I highly recommend visiting Epcot during the festival, which runs until May 17. Not only can you expect shorter lines during the spring, but the displays are gorgeous. Though I am not a gardener by any means, I enjoy learning about what goes into making the festival happen, which you can discover at Festival Center. With additional food vendors, concerts, and talks from gardening professionals, the festival is not one to miss. Plus, it’s included in park admission. Check out the festival brochure here.

This outfit is for a warm Florida day and uses an edgy vibe. Be on the watch for our Flower and Garden Festival preppy look soon.

1. Shorts, H&M, $19.95: These high-waisted shorts carry the distressed trend into the spring. The high waist pairs well with the cropped tank featured here.

2. Bracelets, H&M, $7.95: Add a flash of gold to your wrist with this bracelet collection.

3. Tank, Hot Topic, $19.80 (sale price): When I think of the Flower and Garden Festival, the colors and flora of Alice and Wonderland come to mind.

4. Shoes, H&M, $14.95: The high tops add to the edgy element of this outfit. The floral pattern also echoes the festival.

5. Sunglasses, H&M, $7.95: Block the rays of the Sunshine State with these cream sunnies.

6. Backpack, Forever21, $29.90: Who says a backpack has to be boring? This fringed pack kicks JanSport to the curb. It will also leave you hands free as you venture through Epcot.

7. Necklace, Hot Topic, $11.60: This Alice in Wonderland pendant opens up to a watch, mimicking the White Rabbit. Don’t be late for your very important date.

8. Flower crown, Forever21, $4.90: This flower crown will make you feel right at home during the Flower and Garden festival.