What to wear for New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World

Planning on spending New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World? I’ve put together an outfit that will keep you warm, comfortable, and festive. New Year’s Eve is the busiest time at the theme parks. Multiple Disney employees have told me it’s their busiest week. Having spent two NYEs at Disney, I can attest that I’ve never seen the parks more crowded. Arrive early if you plan to spend NYE at the parks. They actually fill to capacity, and late comers are turned away.


1. Faux Fur Jacket: This furry number will keep you warm all night, and it’s more stylish than a regular coat. $64.90 at Forever 21

2. Top: Sequins are pretty much mandatory on New Year’s Eve. This rosey top’s stripes make it more interesting than most sequin pieces. $34.95 at H&M

3. Bracelet: Alex and Ani’s Disney collection is beautiful. They have a variety of bracelets in gold and silver, highlighting various characters and Disney parks. I have the Magic Kingdom bracelet in gold, and I love it. $39.95 at the Disney Store

4. Ears: I can’t say enough great things about the ASOS/Disney ear collaboration. These scream New Year’s Eve. Also, they’re on sale. $17.06 at ASOS

5. Pants: I love my faux leather pants from H&M. They’re comfortable. They’re warm. They kick any outfit up to 110%. $34.95 at H&M

6. Shoes: I think it’s key to have sparkle in every outfit, but especially on NYE. These gold sneakers will add glam and comfort to your ensemble.


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