What to wear at Disney’s Animal Kingdom [Winter]

During the colder months, putting together a cute outfit can be challenging and gloomy. As I pile upon layers, I feel 50 pounds larger and just plain sad.

You don’t want your theme park winter wear to make you feel down when visiting one of the happiest places on Earth. That’s why I’ve put together an Animal Kingdom winter outfit (below). It can get chilly in central Florida, especially at night, and this outfit will take you from sun up at the Kilamanjaro Safari to sundown at Expedition Everest. Plus, each item is $35 or less.


Leggings: I have a pair of these bad boys and get compliments whenever I wear them. They’re super stretchy and soft, so you’ll feel comfy all day. 17.99 at Kohl’s

Sweatshirt: This oversized sweatshirt will hit your body bellow your tush, which I prefer when wearing leggings. $19.95 at H&M

Shoes: Comfy shoes are imperative for theme parks, and these high tops will be good to your feet. Plus, the leopard print is perfect for Disney’s wildest park. $14.95 at H&M

Ears: ASOS’ collaboration with Disney is amazing. What’s better is that their ear collaboration is currently on sale. Pick up these studded ears for the perfect mix of sweet and tough. $18.95 at ASOS

Necklace: A pendant bearing a Lion King inspirational quote is a must as you explore the Animal Kingdom. Be sure to show it off to Rafiki, who does character greetings throughout the park. $32 on Etsy (Seller: carenslaser)

Ring: Add another iconic Lion King quote to your ensemble with this Hakuna Matata ring. $9.99 on Etsy (Seller: FabulousStamping)

Vest: Not only will this motorcylce-inspired vest add warmth, but it also adds more style to a sweatshirt-leggings combo. It’s also 20% off. $19.58 at Target

Backpack: This sherpa-inspired backpack adds another animal-like element, mimicking the park. It will also hold your goodies, and keep your hands free. It’s small enough to fit on rides like Expedition Everest and Dinosaur, too. $34.95 at H&M


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