How to create a Disney gallery wall

I’m new to this whole home-owning thing, so I’ve been spending the past month or so making our house more home-y. It was crucial to add some Disney elements to our home, since my husband and I love the parks. We have many pictures from our trips to Disney, as well as Disney memorabilia. I decided to display these pieces through a gallery wall.

I knew I wanted the centerpiece to be a vintage-style Disney poster, like the ones you see when entering Magic Kingdom/Disneyland.

Photo from

I searched for Disney vintage posters on Pinterest before settling on a Disneyland Space Mountain poster (below). This is my husband’s favorite attraction and my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction, so it seemed fitting.

photo (15)


The first place he rode Space Mountain was, in fact, Disneyland. It was a little much for him (see below), but he fell in love.

There he is… a little startled from his first space travel.

I found my Space Mountain poster on eBay, and there are a large variety when you search “Disney vintage poster.” Be sure to check the size, though, as some of them are small. My poster is a 20X30.

I knew I wanted Space Mountain to be the focus, but I didn’t want the centerpiece in the center. So, I put it to the side.

photo (16)

I put the poster up first and went from there. I used a variety in texture by putting up a Disney plate found at a garage sale (I taped a rubber band to the back to hang it). I also used a shadow box filled with my mother’s Walt Disney World park ticket from 1972, a postcard and a brochure. Most of my frames are from thrift stores or Target.

photo (13)

The “Adventure is out there!” word art is from my wedding. I wrote the quote on heavy white paper with a gold Sharpie. The word art breaks up the photos.

You’re supposed to plan out a gallery wall (according to the Internet that is), measuring frames and planning your wall before nailing. I just went for it because… that’s my style.

photo (14)
The finished product


I tried to use a variety of sizes and types of pictures. I also used several vintage postcards from an antique shop called What’s On Second in Birmingham, Ala.

Key tips for a Disney gallery wall (or any gallery wall)

  • Variety of sizes
  • Variety of types of images (old pictures, new pictures, landscape pictures, silly pictures, etc.)
  • Variety of frames
  • Variety in types of media (word art, post cards, park maps, brochures, buttons, etc.)