SeaWorld Orlando’s Summer Nights

From June 22 to Aug. 11, SeaWorld Orlando stays up late for Summer Nights. The park is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In addition to longer hours alongside sharks and sea turtles, Summer Nights also hosts two nighttime shows, Shamu Rocks and SeaLions Tonite. Show times vary by day, so check the show schedule to make sure you don’t miss a beat. During the week, each show is usually performed once, but multiple times are available on the weekends.

Shamu Rocks

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Shamu Rocks is the daytime Shamu show, One Ocean, set to pop rock music. Don’t expect a surge of AC/DC and Aerosmith, though. The soundtrack incorporates more of a pop vibe with a few rock and Latin hits. Lighting adds a mysterious feel to the show, as during the daytime it’s easy to see what the orcas are about to do. If you have limited time during your stay, I would recommend only watching One Ocean or Shamu Rocks, since the shows are similar. Though Shamu Stadium is large, it fills up quickly. For a good seat, you need to arrive about 30 minutes before showtime. You can catch a seat with an obstructed view about 10-15 minutes before. Remember that the lower bowl of Shamu Stadium makes up the Soak Zone, so if you don’t want to get splashed by a school bus-sized killer whale, it’s best to grab a higher seat.

Sea Lions Tonite

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Sea Lions Tonite is a comedy show starring Clyde and Seamore, SeaWorld’s star pinnipeds. The show parodies pop culture and SeaWorld culture. Clyde and Seamore spend a day at SeaWorld with their trainers, and they perform their own versions of popular shows like Blue Horizons, Allure: the Call of the Ocean, and even Shamu in One Ocean. Be sure to experience all of SeaWorld’s shows before seeing Sea Lions Tonite so none of the jokes are missed. The later in the summer you visit, the more tricks you’ll see. The sea lions, otter and walrus develop new skills as the summer progresses. Definitely arrive early, at least 30 minutes, to grab a close seat. You also don’t want to miss the pre-show featuring the hilarious pirate mimes. Be warned: if you arrive late, a mime will make fun of you.

If you can only catch one show at Summer Nights, I recommend Sea Lions Tonite. With hilarious jokes, upbeat music and furry creatures with fins, it’s a nonstop party. Also enjoy shorter lines at attractions like Journey to Atlantis, Kraken and Manta during the late hours.


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