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So first, why did I name this blog “Theme Park Princess?” 1) Sarah means Princess and 2) I love adventure in the great wide somewhere, especially theme parks! Get it? 😉  Yes, get ready for a lot of corny jokes and puns.  A little about me – I’m a proud mommy to a 2 year old little princess who I’ll refer to as A.  I’ve been married to a handsome, smart prince for almost 6 years who I’ll call DC.  My family and faith in God are everything to me.   I’m a huge Disney and Harry Potter fan.  At the end of each day you’ll usually find me curled up in my cozy bed, sipping a warm ginger peach herbal tea, nibbling on Lily’s chocolate, and catching up on my favorite shows or googling on my laptop.  In another life, I’m a superstar singer, BFF’s with Celine Dion and Tori Kelly, and I still love traveling around the world, and exploring theme parks with my family.  Sometimes, Celine and Tori come along for the ride.  And I invite you to hop on as well! It’s going to be a fun one with lots of twists, turns, spins, sparkles, sweets, and thrills! 


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